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More animal torture tied to Fauci’s Division of the NIH, NIAID. They have spent roughly $16 million in taxpayer money on more cruel, inhumane, and disturbing experiments on monkeys.

The experiments consisted of toxic brain injections, drilling holes into their heads, and implanting restraint control devices into their brains.

The White Coat Waste Project released another report uncovering how the NIH has spent millions of taxpayer money for researchers to cripple monkeys with toxic brain injections through the implanted devices in their heads.

Animal Torture

Some of the experiments done by the NIH-funded NPRC’s involve:

  1. Turning monkeys into “binge-drinker” alcoholics (Oregon NPRC);
  2. Surgically-inducing heart attacks in monkeys (Washington NPRC);
  3. Exposing monkeys to biological weapons (Tulane NPRC);
  4. Intentionally threatening monkeys to cause fear and anxiety (California NPRC);
  5. Psychologically tormenting baboons (Southwest NPRC);
  6. Drilling into monkeys’ skulls and injecting them with the ADHD-drug Ritalin (Wisconsin NPRC); and
  7. Drilling to monkeys’ skulls and injected toxins to destroy their brains and cripple their limbs (Yerkes NPRC)

The White Coat Waste Project managed to get this shocking and disturbing video from Emory University’s Yerkes National Primate Research Center. The innocent monkeys were kept in tiny cages and you can clearly see the devices that are surgically implanted into their skulls.

Paul Joseph Watson says it perfectly. For those who are still supporting this evil monster, why? You realize that you are not on the right side of history at this point. Every day it seems that more and more atrocities are attributed to this monster, yet he still manages to retain his power.

Another tyrant who has taken a massive leap over that line and is seemingly getting away with his evil in the open at this point. He has lied about Gain-of-Function research at the Wuhan lab where Covid was created and released. He has been using taxpayer funds for cruel and inhumane experiments on animals. He is evil incarnate and it’s time that he is removed from his position of power.

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