The America First Rally in Butler, PA 1
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On Sunday, September 19 we Treked up to Butler, Pa for the America First Rally That was Held in Front of the Butler County Court House

It wasn’t a very large rally, but it was a patriotic rally. People wore their patriotic gear, waved flags, and listened to various speakers from the Southwestern Pa area.

The owner of Crack’d Egg came to speak. If you don’t know who the Crack’d Egg is a restaurant in Pittsburgh that has been taking its stand against the unconstitutional mandates since day 1. They finally had to concede in February and shut down briefly. They’re open again and fighting that good fight. If you’re in Pittsburgh, stop by and support them.

Another extremely motivational and patriotic group that was there was the Iron City Citizens Response Unit Militia.

There was not a mask to be seen, which was awesome. Unlike our local school board meeting that saw a man attempt to physically assault a woman because she wouldn’t wear one.

Patriots need to continue to stand up and fight. We need to remind crooked and corrupt politicians that we do not live and work for them, they work for us.

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