Mumbling, Stumbling Joe’s Latest Gaffe Includes Florida, Boxing, Robert E. Lee and Afghanistan

Joe Biden

Joe’s Latest Gaffe will Remind You Why He’s Known as Mumbling, Stumbling Joe, As If You Forgot, And the Media Continues to Ignore It

We All Know By Now Why We Call Him ‘Mumblin’, Stumblin’ Joe, but it’s a good thing to keep a recording of these things. Eventually, there’s going to be enough footage of him and his breakdowns where even the Fast and the Furious series will be laughing.

This gaffe comes during the September 11th weekend at an event for the heinous attacks. Watch for yourself and try not to laugh too hard. Remember, Joe’s your “President…”

Did you catch all of that? Pretty scary that he’s the leader of the Free World, right? Or so they say…

Joe's Latest Gaffe

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