Cat Falls From Stadium Balcony, Only to be Caught by Old Glory

American Flag

It’s Unknown How it Got Up There, but After the Cat Falls From Stadium Balcony, it Lands Safely Wrapped in Old Glory

Here’s a positive story to start off your week right. A cat that, for some reason, was hanging from an upper balcony in a stadium over the weekend ends up falling. This happened at the Miami Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday, September 11th. Fortunately, the people below holding an American Flag made sure to lay it out so they could catch the cat.

The cat is indeed caught and everyone celebrates wildly. This is all while you can hear the announcers calling the plays happening on field. Which just proves that the proper priorities still matter most to people.

Put a positive twist on the day by watching the video.

That’s a great story, isn’t it? To see not only the cat come out safe after this, but also see Old Glory being used in such a positive way. It’s almost a sign to all the negative people out there that hate America.

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