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Peak cancel culture comes for Dr. Seuss but leaves Cardi B

The woke leftists have been out in full force the past few months. The raging, rabid liberals have set out to destroy everything they don’t agree with. It seems that if you are a free-thinking individual they want you stop existing.

We’ve seen celebrities, politicians, and regular everyday Joe Schmoes end up without a job, arrested, and having their lives turned upside down for having the audacity to think for themselves.

J.K. Rowling was cancelled for being “transphobic” in her own books. Her creations and the woke left cancel her for her beliefs.

Ellen DeGeneres. Many people accused DeGeneres of being utterly cold and toxic when the cameras were off.

Cops and Live PD. Two tv shows that showed the lives of police officers and how the went about their daily routines. It showed the dangers that police officers faced everyday. The left didn’t like it so the networks pulled them.

Gina Carano. Oh, Gina. We love Gina. She is an amazing Cara Dune. She was one of my favorite characters on The Mandalorian. She is an incredible actress and an incredible person. She posted two photos on social media depicting current affairs with Nazi Germany. Or at least the reference that it started with your neighbors telling on you and beating you in the streets. Quite like they’re doing today. The left lost their minds and Disney gave her the ax. This led to a lot of fans canceling their Disney+ memberships. Including us here at Offensively Patriotic.

Andrew Cuomo. That’s right. New York’s granny killing Governor is now on the cancel chopping block. Why? He is a serial sexual harasser. Five women have come out in the past month accusing the New York Governor of inappropriate contact and conversations.

Our beloved Dr. Seuss. Yes, the man who brought Green Eggs and Ham and Horton Hears a Who. The left are deeming him to be inappropriate for children. Our children grew up with Dr. Seuss creation plushies. We had dozens of his books. We watched the cartoons. We bought the movies. We still watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas two ways every holiday. The wholesome and wonderful Dr. Seuss is being cancelled by the rabid left. The Dr. Seuss estate has even jumped on this ridiculous bandwagon with saying that some of his books portray people in hurtful and wrong ways. Those pesky Wockets are awful.

Peak Cancel Culture 2

And the most recent to be hit with this slanderous bitching? Pepe le Pew. We all remember the amorous French skunk from Looney Tunes? He had that dashing accent and was madly in love with a black cat.

Peak Cancel Culture 3

The woke mob have deemed this cartoon to inappropriate for being “rapey”. Yes, the cartoon character is rapey.

But they are a-okay with Cardi B’s song WAP. What does WAP stand for? Wet Ass Pussy. Yes, she has an entire song dedicated to her stanky vagina. Let’s not forget that she is also the same stripper turned rapper who has admitted to drugging, raping, and robbing men.

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This is the stuff that they’ve decided is okay.

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Peak Cancel Culture 6

This is who Michelle Obama says is a great role model for her daughters.

But if you are conservative or don’t agree with the cancel culture they will cancel you. We’ve lost jobs. We’ve seen our fellow Patriots arrested after the “insurrection” on January 6, yet BLM and Antifa are setting courthouses on fire in Portland and not a peep from the MSM. Nothing from the Democrats demanding that they be arrested and tried for treason.

The country is going way off track and we have to fix it. We need to stand up to the lunatic leftists and tell them no more.

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