Antifa The Domestic Terrorist Group
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Antifa is Peaceful?

We’ve all heard of Antifa. The biased, left media portrays them as a peaceful group. People fighting fascism.

That couldn’t be the furthest from the truth.

Antifa is nothing but a domestic terrorist group who are violent assholes.

On August 17th, the Proud Boys went to Portland for a peaceful protest. They were peaceful. And contrary to what the media tells you, they are not white nationalists or Nazis. The leader of this male drinking club is a Cuban immigrant. When you look at photos of them you see a wide array of skin color. Not just white men.

Antifa The Domestic Terrorist Group

Antifa showed up with the intent of committing violence. They wanted to disarm the populace and harm those who don’t agree.

They attacked everyone. This includes the Proud Boys, people walking down the street, and reporters. The self proclaimed leader, a very aggressive black man, was arrested. He incited violence, screamed at people who weren’t part of any group, and hyped up the chaos.

The Clown News Network, aka CNN, interviewed Enrique Tarrio president/leader of the group, and spent the entire time trying to get him to say they were violent. She found one snippet of them being frustrated with Wheeler and turned it on them.

No mention of the violence Antifa caused. No mention of everyone who was injured.

Domestic Terrorists

Then you have the next video where Brandon from That’s the Point stops a former Marine from possibly being stabbed. As my husband is a Marine, I am thankful for Brandon being such a Patriot.

While you’ll here reports of Antifa being unarmed and peaceful, that’s the furthest from the truth. Steven Crowder, Louder with Crowder, has an undercover video of Antifa members from two years ago admitting to carrying weapons.

That’s not the only video of them talking about having weapons or being seen carrying. Here’s another to watch.

How many do you think have permits for those weapons, if permits are needed in that location? Were they bought legally? How many do you think took mommy and daddy’s guns?

Antifa, The Domestic Terrorist Group 1

The photo just above is from The Truth About Guns. They had a story last year talking about Antifa forming an armed Red Guard in order to start a civil war.

President Trump’s Remarks

President Trump tweeted about the violent group and that he’s considering labeling them a terrorist group.

Yes, President Trump, have them labeled as a domestic terror group. This needs to happen ASAP. Groups like this are not only wrong for their violence, but also their restrictions of others’ freedoms and their push for the destruction of Capitalism.

There’s a funny but true breakdown floating out there about what Antifa means. No, it doesn’t mean anti-fascist. It means Anti-F(irst)A(mendment).

What are your thoughts of Antifa? Were you aware just how violent they are getting? Let us know in the forums or comments below.

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