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Do You Believe in the Orwellian Math That 2 + 2 = 5?

I watched a video today. It was nominated as Best Short Film, Bafta Film Awards, in 2012. Perhaps you’ve seen it floating around 2+2=5.

It’s a great story that applies to things today.

On the surface it’s a simple math problem that we all know is incorrect. 2+2=5

We all know that it equals 4 but with enough pressure and threat of violence you accept that that answer if 5.

The teacher controls you with fear. The teacher is our government.

That’s a lot like the modern day Democratic party and their leftists sheep. They have been so involved with what they believe and silencing everyone who doesn’t have that same opinion that they have changed their answer from 4 to 5. The days of civil discourse are long gone. It’s not turning into a time when your opinion is being deemed as hate speech. If you continue to think and speak out the way you do, you’re threatened with losing your job. Losing your kids. And even jail time.

These are the tactics that were used during WWII in Nazi Germany. You were shot. Imprisoned. Or put into the gas chamber. We saw people herded into cattle cars and dumped into the prison camps. 6 million + people died because they simply complied with what their government leaders told them because “they can’t really do anything”.

Another example of art imitating reality is the George Orwell novel 1984.

Orwellian 2 + 2 = 5 2
“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

We’re being told to ignore the evidence of corruption and fraud that is laid out in front of our eyes. We’re being told to think otherwise is a conspiracy. You’re a domestic terrorist. You’re crazy.

We saw video evidence of the corruption and fraud during the 2020 election and the MSM said NO. They called out President Trump, they called out the whistleblowers, they told their sheep to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears.

When Patriots rise up and declare “No more!” they are labeled domestic terrorists. They are demonized. They are fired from their jobs. Beat. And taken to jail.

Where was this outcry when the actual domestic terrorists, BLM and Antifa, were murdering people and burning down cities? They were encouraged by those Democratic leaders.

In 1984, the protagonist Winston Smith, is tasked with rewriting history. He edits articles before they reach the masses.

For now we still have the 1st amendment. We still have news networks like Newsmax and OANN and Offensively Patriotic that are able to come out against the MSM. Though people on CNN are calling for cable companies to blacklist those who think differently so they can rewrite history.

Patriots, Conservatives, and Trump supporters are demonized in the MSM, on social media, and in the government. We see our elected officials demanding those who opposed the election be removed from office. We are seeing a steady increase in censorship online. President Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We try to create our own free speech social media sites (be sure to sign up for our communities!) and they are banned from Apple and Google play stores. Parler is dropped by Amazon. They are slowly eliminating the first amendment.

2+2=5. Just say it. Just believe it. Don’t question your government.

This is what they say. This is what I’ve been told. “Who are you to question the government?”

That’s what we’re supposed to do. We are to question our government. We are to question their decisions. We are to question the questionable things that they are doing. What they’re doing with our tax dollars. And the laws they are enacting.

Don’t sit back and comply with the rewriting of history and the elim

ination of our freedoms. Don’t let your voice be silenced.

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