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Social Media Purge is the Start of the Destruction of the 1st Amendment

It’s only been 3 days since the Patriot’s protested in Washington, DC. There was a storming of the Capital Building that a lot on the left have been calling a dark day in American history while they conveniently forget about the summer of BLM and Antifa riots and looting across the country.

The Destruction Of The 1St Amendment 1

We even saw Democrats calling for that civil unrest.

Remember when Maxine Waters told people to attack conservatives and Republicans?
These are leaders of the Democratic party who were calling for the riots and civil unrest that we saw all summer. On January 6, 2021 Patriots went to Washington, DC when Congress was meeting to verify the fraudulent President-elect, Mr. Joe Biden. At one point the Capital Building was stormed.
Oh wait, that was when the liberal feminists stormed the Senate building.

Oh not that one either. Sorry, that’s when AOC took over the Capital building.

As you can see, Wednesday was not the first time that the Capital building was taken over by a group of people. But according to the MSM and Democrats this was a dark day in history.

Looking back over the summer of 2020 during the terrorist riots from BLM and Anitfa we saw 30 people murdered. Billions of dollars in property damage. 1000’s of police officers injured. What happened on Wednesday? 4 people died. 1 of those was a woman, Ashli Babbitt, who was shot in the neck by capital police. A few windows were broken. One guy took a picture sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk. People waved their flags. Outside people sang.

Those “awesome” fact-checkers across the internet have been decrying claims that Antifa was mixed in with Trump supporters to incite the violence. But….

In the days since we’ve seen quite the destruction of the 1st amendment. It started when Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram banned President Donald Trump from their social media platforms.

A sitting president banned from speaking to the American people.

Then we saw a few very popular conservatives start to get banned.

Branden Straka’s #WalkAway campaign was banned from Facebook. His group had 500k people in it and it was wiped out.

Elijah Schaffer was banned from Facebook and Instagram. Elijah Schaffer is an investigative journalist from Slightly Offensive who also works with Blaze Media.

Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood and Sydney Powell have been banned from Twitter.

Apple and Google removed Parler from their Stores and Amazon will no longer support them at all meaning they will be offline for at least a week.

The Destruction Of The 1St Amendment 2

The liberals in the government and big tech are doing everything they can to silence us. Even Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is on a 7 day Twitter suspension for discussing Hydroxychloroquine. This is indeed a dark time for America. It’s not for Patriots finally reaching their breaking point and having everyone turn their backs on us, it’s because our constitution is under attack. Our freedoms are being stripped away by the desperate swamp monsters who believe we are beneath them. They want to hold onto the power that is slipping away from them.

They will do everything to condemn us while putting themselves up on a platform of untouchable. They’re not though. They are not untouchable. We the people hold the power. This is our country. Not the government’s country. That is why we are a constitutional republic. Our founding fathers knew what happen to us if a tyrannical government would attempt to rise up. We are angry at the treasonous government.

It’s gotten so bad that ABC news reporter Rick Klein called for a cleansing of us Trump supporters in a now deleted tweet. But one thing we know about the internet is it’s never gone forever.

“Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else. via @ABC— Rick Klein (@rickklein) January 7, 2021

Never stop speaking your mind. Never hold back because Karen online has hurt feelings. That’s how we got to this point. We allowed overly sensitive people to control our government and cry their way into control.

Stand up. Speak out.

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