BLM Activists Call For Murder

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Tensions have been high since the shooting of Jacob Blake, the violent criminal who raped a woman while she way lying in bed beside her child and stole her car keys.

Rather than admonishing the violence and murder the activist shouted to the the crowd that black people should retaliate against white people when they kill members of the black community.

This activist is being identified by a demonstrator as “our president” made his terroristic threats during a “peaceful march” in Kenosha.

“I love being black. I love black people. I know some of you may not want to say that,” the man said, according to the Kenosha News. “You tell us how to behave when you have taken our lives. The black man is worth something. His life is worth something.”

“I have to say god d**n it — if you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours,” the activist went on to say. “I know everybody don’t want to hear that. But d**n why are we the ones who have to keep burying ours and got to keep clean for you to see us as being human? We ain’t never did nothing to nobody.”

The MSM and many company leaders have been putting out lies since this shooting.

The police union claimed that Blake was “armed with a knife,” refused to cooperate with officers, and even “forcefully fought with the officers, including putting one of the officers in a headlock.”

“Based on the inability to gain compliance and control after using verbal, physical, and less lethal means, the officers drew their firearms,” the union explained. “Mr. Blake continued to ignore the officers’ commands, even with the threat of lethal force now present.”

BLM Activists Call For Murder 1
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