President Trump Press Conference Interrupted by Gunfire

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Gunfire Outside the White House During President Trump Press Conference

President Donald Trump was holding a press conference today, just days after his cryptic Ohio speech. President Trump was quickly ushered out mid-speech when what appeared to be a secret service agent approached the podium and whispered to the President.

He paused briefly before following his detail.

President Trump wasn’t gone for long though. After a brief briefing with secret service the President returned and informed the media that there had been a shooting near the White House. One person is confirmed injured.

“There was an actual shooting, someone has been taken to the hospital … seems like the person was shot by Secret Service,” Trump said.

It has also been confirmed that the suspect was armed.

After President Trump informed the media of the shooting a reporter asked if he was rattled by the events. Trump responded, “I don’t know, do I seem rattled?”

He’s always calm, cool and collected. Even when he makes cryptic speeches and then a shooting happens near the white house shortly after.

You can watch the President’s speech, interruption included at the video below.

Here’s another video angle of the shooting from outside from CSPAN reporter Jeremy Art.

Another angle of the shots near the White House today.

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President Trump Press Conference Interrupted by Gunfire 1
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