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VIDEO: Chicago Sees Massive BLM Looting and Rioting, Shots Fired

Chicago Riots and Looting in Luxury District

Last night, August 9th 2020, saw BLM rioting and looting in the luxury district. Stores like Tesla and Gucci were broken into and looted. At one point, you can hear gunshots ring out as a looter shoots the Gucci windows to try and get in.

Reports say two police officers were killed after shots were exchanged at one point. Others have also been shot. More than 100 have reportedly been arrested, but will they be released like we see in so many other cities?

Other districts where Best Buy and Walgreens are located were completely destroyed by the looters.

Check out our compilation video which includes during and after footage.

Chicago was already a high crime city, but this is a new low. The shootings and lootings seem to be mixing in Chicago now that BLM has begun their terror raid through the city. At least before, it was one or the other.

What are your thoughts on the increase and spreading of looting in connection with BLM? Let us know in the comments below.

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VIDEO: Chicago Sees Massive BLM Looting and Rioting, Shots Fired 1
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