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VIDEO: Indianapolis Rioters Stop Traffic With Firearms and… Children?

Indianapolis Rioters Blocking Traffic Now Use Threats of Violence with Firearms

Rioters in Indianapolis have increased their threats of violence as of late. They have been more brazen against traffic and anyone trying to walk past their road and sidewalk “blockades.”

Yesterday, August 7th, 2020 however, they have seemed to have stepped it up a notch. You can see in the following video that some rioters are now using firearms to threaten those trying to drive through. Pay attention and you’ll even catch someone there with a child blocking traffic.

We have officially moved from clown world to jester world. 10 years ago, could you honestly believe that we’d live in a world where you can’t smack your child’s behind or hold firearm rallies but you could have children at riots with firearms threatening drivers?

What do you think about the spreading and escalation of these riots?Should we form an official nation-wide militia to kick these people off our streets?

Create an account now and help us form a coalition of Patriots.

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VIDEO: Indianapolis Rioters Stop Traffic With Firearms and... Children? 1
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