UPDATED: Truck Crashes Through Riots in Portland

Picup Truck Riots in portland

UPDATE: Motorcycle was thrown in front of the truck. The driver apparently stopped and then the rioters started hitting his vehicle. When he tried inching forward, the motorcycle was laid in front of the truck. Driver then took off as the rioters became more violent.

Sparks Fly as Pickup Truck Drags Motorcycle Through Riots in Portland

The full story isn’t known so far, but rioters say “he was trying to kill people” while the comments of those connected to the driver says they wouldn’t let them through and were attacking the pickup truck.

In the video, you can see the truck flying through middle of the riots in Portland as they part. The truck is seen pushing a motorcycle while sparks fly.

Watch the video for yourself, and then see the photos below it. This occurred last night on August 4th, 2020.

Here are photos taken afterward.

Keep it here while we dig for further details.

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