VIDEO: Rioters Heading to Police Chief’s Home, Stopped in Their Tracks by Residents with Firearms

Rioters Whine About Residents Having Firearms

Antifa/BLM decided to march through a Portland neighborhood in order to get to the Portland police chief’s home. Unfortunately for them, the residents weren’t having it. The residents decided to use their vehicles as road blocks and stood there with their firearms (mostly rifles) at the alert position.

You’ll see the rioters get soft very quickly and whine about how they are unarmed. There’s even a point in the video where they ask why guns are pointed at them and that the are “peaceful.” One of the residents reply back with,”that’s why you’re peaceful” when a rioter tries saying firearms were pointed at them.

Watch the video clip for yourself.

It would seem that more and more regular, everyday Americans are done playing games with these rioters. What’s even more interesting is that a lot of these areas are more left-leaning and are probably being pushed to voting for Trump.

Do the rioters WANT Donald J. Trump to be re-elected? That’s exactly what will happen if they keep it up.

Let us know your thoughts below.

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VIDEO: Rioters Heading to Police Chief's Home, Stopped in Their Tracks by Residents with Firearms 1
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