Portland Unrest
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Portland Police in Laurelhurst Park, a Suburban Neighborhood, Sees Police Powering Through Rioters

Last night into the early morning of August 4th 2020, Portland police are much stronger on the rioters in a suburban neighborhood, Laurelhurst Park. Unlike most nights, very little ground is given to the rioters. We’re not sure if this is BLM or Antifa anymore since everyone has seemed to just become one group as of late, at least in Portland.

Watch the video and see the rioters get pummeled and run over by the police.

Notice how they continue to moan and groan when power is swung back in their direction.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: this needed to happen from the get-go. Sometimes, force and violence is needed in return when force and violence is threatened or used against peaceful people.

What are your thoughts? Too much force, or are you completely on board with the police? Sign up for an account and let us know below, in the forums or create a group in the community.

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VIDEO: Portland Police Finally Start Pushing Back and Destroying Rioters 1
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