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Pittsburgh Steelers’ Stephon Tuitt Tweets That He Isn’t Kneeling for the Flag

Stephon Tuitt Isn’t Kneeling and He Doesn’t Care If You Have Something Else to Say

Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive end Stephon Tuitt has been Tweeting today about topics ranging from athletes complaining about money to keeping his family safe financially stable. Amidst that, he mentioned that he will not kneel for the flag.

Stephon Tuitt Tweet
Image of Tweet in Case it’s Deleted

Being that this is on Twitter, you can imagine the high number of negative Tweets thrown at Stephon Tuitt. However, there were some positive Tweets.

Some were more directly on the side of Tuitt like Ricky4453 and Darryl.

reply 1 to Stephon Tuitt Tweet

Others were more on the side of free speech in general like BrianHarris and FlyEaglesFlyM249.

reply 2 to Stephon Tuitt Tweet

We’ll see if Stephon Tuitt keeps this Tweet up and weather or not other players follow in Stephon’s footsteps.

What do you think about this professional athlete going against the grain and openly stating he isn’t going to kneel? Let us know below by creating an account which also grants you access to the forums, your very own activity wall and Patriot Points.

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Pittsburgh Steelers' Stephon Tuitt Tweets That He Isn't Kneeling for the Flag 1
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