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UPDATED: Man Committed to PA Hospital For Reported Facebook Comments

Committed Man Was Calm Upon Arrival and Reportedly Called Situation “Embarrassing” and”Bullsh*t”

9:40PM EST UPDATE: 302 warrant was not approved. Man was sent home. Individuals are apparently sometimes brought in by police BEFORE warrants are even signed.

8:30PM EST UPDATE: Man’s sister was apparently the person told first and she reported to police that “she was scared he was going to hurt himself.” The committed individual is saying his words were taken out of context. Is this how easy it is to be involuntarily committed?

On Friday July 24th 2020, a man was brought into Forbes Hospital for the reason of involuntary psychiatric committal, also known as a 302. This person, allegedly, made Facebook comments that were deemed harmful to himself or others.

Before his arrival, the call in to the hospital from Plum Borough police noted that “a very combative and violent person” was on their way in. However, our source says that upon arrival, the man was absolutely compliant. He was definitely angry at the situation, but was not showing any signs of being combative.

So far, the exact comments made and reported to Facebook and then ultimately to the police are not known. However, the man’s temperament and his actions while in the hospital are being seen as someone who is pro-gun, pro-Trump and someone on the right. He was most likely targeted by online activists. We do know for sure that the person who reported him to Facebook and then the police was NOT someone the man knew and even lived in another State.

When asked by staff how the two young police officers felt about arresting and committing the man for this type of situation, the officers reportedly shrugged.

Upon arrival, the man is quoted as saying that this is “f***ing embarrassing” and this is “bullsh*t” as well as calling the cops the “Gestapo” and they need to “get Wolf’s [the PA Governor] d*ck out of their mouths.

Is this more of a police state in a country where COVID-19 task forces are also going after businesses? Keep it here for updates on this situation.

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UPDATED: Man Committed to PA Hospital For Reported Facebook Comments 1
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