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I’m an avid Victoria’s Secret shopper. I’ve always loved their bras, especially their sports bras.

At least until I really started working out I.E. running.

I’m not lacking in the bosom department which makes everything in life difficult. Swimsuit shopping? Forget it. Button down shirts? Hell no. Tailored jackets? That’s life.

So running has always been a problem for me.

I thought my Victoria’s Secret sports bra would help with control and support.

Vic Secret Max Sport Bra

So that’s it. That’s the one I normally buy. It’s the Knockout Maximum Support Front-Close Sport Bra. The description makes it sound amazing.

Our most supportive sport bra. Patented bra-within-a-bra technology offers the maximum support you want with structured cups that clip together and an outer layer for added compression. With padded straps for stabilized support and an easy-on, easy-off design.  

How it works

Patented bra-within-a-bra technology with cushioned underwire cups that clip in the center. An outer layer of fabric wraps around the inner bra to provide compression, bounce control and maximum support. 


Maximum support: our most supportive sport bra

Lightly lined

Concealed underwire embedded between two layers of foam for cushioned support

Adjustable, padded, crossback straps for stabilized support

Perfect for running, boxing & cardio 

Details & Fabric

Front-close clip & zip design for easy on/off

Wicking fabric keeps you cool & dry

Machine wash


Body/wing: 53% polyamide, 47% elastane

Cup/cup lining: 100% polyester exclusive of decoration 

Victoria’s Secret Knockout Maximum Support Front-Close Sport Bra.

Should be amazing right?

Wrong. WRONG!

If you’re large chested and run, you know the problems that I’m talking about. The bouncing and chafing.

First, let’s talk about the clasp coming undone. Yes, mid run that clasp comes unclasped.

Second, the zipper comes undone. You’re bra undoes it self during a run. The girls end up free flopping. That is not comfortable when you’re doing your sprint.

Now the straps rub. You will get chaffing on your shoulder.

The padded underwire and the clasp with rub your sternum and underboob. You will end up with chafing and it will hurt. I’m hoping it’s not going to leave a permanent scar on my sternum honestly.

Will I continue to but this particular bra? Nope.

Will I buy another Victoria’s Secret sports bra? Maybe. Probably.

That being said, if wanting to be a better American, it’s best to look elsewhere. Victoria’s Secret likes to pander to un-American ideas such as having burka clad models, trans-gendered models and their possible ties to Jeffrey Epstein. To top it off, this specific bra seems to be made in China. Not good. Other bras and products by Victoria’s Secret are made in other locations, some better than China.

Have a special bra you like running in? Let us know below or start up a topic about bras in the community or a group on our social media website,

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