From Fat Mom To Trim Mom
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As it goes without saying, working out brings along aches and pains. Especially if you’re a plus size lady like myself. While I have been active for some time now, I still get the aches and pains. Especially if I start doing a new workout or I’m pushing myself.

Over the past two weeks I’ve started running. I’m up to 2 miles a day, but this is something that is entirely new. While I did cardio before, it was also easy peasy and on a machine. The only machine I have now are my own legs and body. I didn’t realize how much I relied on those machines for momentum. I wasn’t really using my legs and other muscles as much as I thought.

My wonderful husband has also started building a home gym. Which means I’m back to using the weights and hitting the punching bag. I’m hitting ALL KINDS OF MUSCLES!

I’m achy. I’m sore. EVERYTHING HURTS!

Especially my poor calf muscles. They’ve been hurting so, so, so bad.

Here’s my home remedies to help relieve those pains. (This is what I do for myself. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a personal trainer. This is what I’ve found works out pretty well.)

  1. Ice. The cold helps to numb those sore muscles. It also helps keep down inflammation and swelling.
  2. Heat. I LOVE MY HEATING PAD!!! When I’m laying in bed, falling asleep I turn it on and lay on it. It helps to loosen up the muscles in my back and is very soothing.
  3. Tylenol. Yup, good ol’ Tylenol really helps with the pain from a sore muscle. It’s a pain reliever and an anti inflammatory.
  4. Massage. Sometimes, even if it hurts, you need to rub it out. A good massage after a hard workout improves blood flow and reduces muscle tightness.
  5. Hot tub! The jets in a hot tub mixed with the heat of the water are great for loosening up those tight muscles.
  6. Epsom salt. Everyone has a bag of this stuff laying around. It’s like a mandatory house necessity that you never use. I have a bag in my hall closet. Why is it great? Epsom salt is made up of magnesium sulfate, which is a natural muscle relaxant. It also helps to reduce swelling by drawing excess fluids out of muscle and joint tissue. 
  7. Icy Hot. It smells terrible but it’s amazing. I love using it after my showers. My muscles are already loosening up and the added benefit of the icy hot helps to loosen everything up even more.

Those are a few things that I’ve found help me out. I’m going to have try a few when I get home because my legs are hurting!

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