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Ilhan Omar’s Sketchy History Under Investigation

It would seem that one of the freshman darlings that has been helping to undermine President Trump is finally under federally investigation. Including by ICE.

Ilhan Omar has a very sketchy history while living here. She was married to her brother, was paying her lover with campaign funds, and even committed student loan fraud. She has perjured herself too many times to count.

While she has been asked for comments or proof from various news outlets to help disprove all of these accusations, she has refused. Stating that everything is nothing but baseless conspiracy theories.

Well, maybe one or two things could be seen as a conspiracy theory; however, proof is piling up that Omar’s entire life is a fraudulent nightmare and she shouldn’t be working in our government.

She’s become such a PR nightmare for the Democrats even they’re starting to come out against her and her anti-American and anti-semantic views.

In 2009 she married a UK citizen in order to facilitate federal student loan fraud, or other fraud involving higher education.

Will I be sad to see her go?

Hell no.

Keep draining that swamp!

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