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A Bounty on Trump and Treasonous Left 2
A Bounty on Trump and Treasonous Left 3
A Bounty on Trump and Treasonous Left 4


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A Bounty on Trump and Treasonous Left

A Bounty on Trump and Treasonous Left
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A Bounty on Trump Coming From the Treasonous Left That Supports Terrorists

A eulogist at Iranian general Qassem Soleimani  funeral called for an $80Million bounty on President Donald Trump’s head. At one point, an unidentified eulogist called for a bounty to be placed on Trump’s head. “We are 80 million Iranians,” he said. “If each one of us puts aside one American dollar, we will have 80 million American dollars, and we will reward anyone who brings us Trump’s head with that amount.”

This of course was met with outrage from conservative’s in the United States. This man is calling for our president’s assassination.

Why? Because a terrorist scumbag was killed on President Trump’s orders.

Am I upset about the death of Qassem Soleimani? Nope. Not even a little bit. The man was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American lives. Countless people in his own country. He was a worthless, terrorist scum.

Of course, this brought out the absolute disgusting-ness of the left.

Washed-up, has-been actor, George Lopez took to Instagram to let the eulogist know that “We’ll do it for half.” Oh, so now he’s calling for the assassination of the President of the United States as well? I wonder if Mr. Lopez has received any visits from secret service yet.

Before this ridiculous bounty, another washed-up, has-been who is desperately trying to stay relevant in any pathetic way she can, Rose McGowan took to Twitter to APOLOGIZE to Iran for the death of their murdering, terrorist general.

I can’t even fathom what the hell this twit was thinking.

Terrorist sympathizer/democratic freshman Ilhan Omar wasn’t silent on the death of Soleimani either. “So what if Trump wants war, knows this leads to war and needs the distraction?” the Democrat freshman “Squad” member said. â€œReal question is, will those with congressional authority step in and stop him? I know I will.”

But Omar, it was just someone who did something. Right? I mean, that’s all that is.

Let that sink in for a moment folks. The leftists Democrats are UPSET that a terrorist is dead.

They’re mad at President Trump for taking out a terrorist who has killed American lives.

Why did he do it in the first place though?

Well it all started on December 27 when Omar’s beloved Hezbollah attacked K1 military base near the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. An American contractor was killed.

December 29 Trump orders airstrikes on sections of Iraq and Syria where the terrorist group was known to be.

Then the big one. On December 31 as we celebrated the new year Iraqi supporters of Hezbollah stormed the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. That could have ended up in another Benghazi situation. You know the “what’s the big deal?” situation that Killary – er – Hillary Clinton created that lost the lives of 4 Americans. Trump didn’t just sit on his ass and ignore their pleas for help.

He sent in the military. The U.S. deployed an infantry battalion from the 82nd Airborne Division to the U.S. Central Command area. 750 soldiers were sent at first with more troops over the following few days.

January 2nd, Esper and Trump prove they have the balls and spine the country has been needing.

“To Iran & its proxy militias: we will not accept continued attacks against our personnel & forces in the region. Attacks against us will be met w/ responses in the time, manner, & place of our choosing. We urge the Iranian regime to end malign activities.”— Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper (@EsperDoD) January 2, 2020

Soleimani orchestrated attacks and approved the attack on our embassy. He was eliminated for being a threat to not just America but every other country in the world.

The left would have you think that Trump had a saint assassinated while she visited a hospital full of sick kids. (Wanna know who ordered air strikes on hospitals, schools, and weddings? Hint: Not President Trump. Nope, that honor goes to the shitastic Obummer.)

Trump had a mass murderer taken out.

The world is better off.

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