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The Fall of a Prince

The Fall of a Prince
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Prince Andrew, third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, gave a rather disturbing interview to BBC regarding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Yes, the Jeffrey Epstein who did not kill himself.

When Epstein was arrested he began to talk (which was why he was ultimately killed). Among those on his list of visitors to the Epstein Island were Prince Andrew.

The interview was a disaster.

He admitted to his decades long friendship with sex trafficking pedophile extraordinaire Jeffrey Epstein, but he’s not sorry. Nope. He wasn’t even sorry about the accusations of raping then 17 year old Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who accused him not too long ago. No. What is he sorry for? How he made the royal family look. Yeah. That’s what he’s sorry for. Not for being a disgusting asshat.

Andrew admitted to being friends with Epstein. Accepting favors, going to intimate dinner parties, accepting contacts, and even going to Pedo Island aka Little St James. Yet he denies having sex with underage girls.

Hmmm…. me thinks someone is full of shit.

He also states that he has never met Giuffre before, yet there’s this photo of Andrew the disgraced turd-prince, Giuffre and Epsteins’ girlfriend/little girl handler, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Image result for prince andrew photo with Virginia Roberts Giuffre"

In the wake of this ridiculous interview the turd has been removed from official duties and his birthday party has been canceled! Oh the humanity! Mommy dearest finally has to face the fact that her son is a pedo.

Do keep in mind that he had TWO daughters around Giuffre’s age at home. That’s right, this man was diddling a girl the same age as his own daughters. Let that sink in.

I’ll keep my thoughts on the royal family to myself for now. Let’s just say… 1776 was a great year.

Here’s the disastrous interview.

Here’s Giuffre’s interview.

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