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The third quarter fundraising ended on Monday, September 30th and the totals for the campaigns have been announced!

How exciting? We can see how much all of our presidential candidates have earned via the donations of their ever loving supporters.

Obviously, the left raised more money. Right? I mean their side is screaming the loudest, like the crazed lunatics that they are.

Let’s take a gander, shall we?

Bernie Sanders has raised a whopping $25 million dollars! Wow. But will it matter if he has to drop out due to his many health issues?

Elizabeth Warren comes in second for the DemocRATS at $24.6 million

Bete Buttigieg is in at $19.1 million.

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden announced he raised just $15.2 million.

Kamala “Crazy Pants” Harris is trailing everyone at $11.6 million. (I’m honestly surprised anyone donated to her. She’s a lunatic.)

Andrew Yang is closer to the loser end of the losers at $10 million.

Cory Booker, that nut, is second to last with $6 million.

And Michael Bennet has made an impressive $2 million.

We know that President Trump couldn’t possibly have even come close to that! I mean, he’s such a terrible person. Nobody likes him. Right?

That’s where you’re wrong. President Donald J. Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee raised a total of $125 million in the quarter.

He’s raised $100 million dollars MORE THAN the highest earner of the Democrats. But, the hopeful Sanders campaign thinks that he can compete with the President.

“Our strength is in numbers, and that is why Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who is able to say his campaign will rely only on grassroots funding in both the primary and against Donald Trump. Like all campaigns, we are beholden to our donors and we’re proud to stand with 1 million working people.”

– Faiz Shakir

Yeah, I don’t think those small, grass roots groups are going to help you get another $100 million dollars.

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