A World Of Hate
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Are We Enlightened?

We live in a world of hate. We always have. Since the beginning of humanity, we’ve been conquering and fighting.

Today a lot of people like to think that we’re a more enlightened people who care about one another, but we aren’t and we don’t. That’s evident just by looking through the news. Scroll through Facebook or Twitter. You’ll see the hate spewed, from both sides, to one another. Antifa has not just called on violence against anyone who opposes their views but have become violent themselves. Leftist Hollywood calls on Doxing other actors and actresses who support the current president. You’re screamed at for walking down the street wearing MAGA gear or anything showing support of 45.

A World Of Hate

The insane want to determine how we live. They scream “racist, homophobe, bigot, and fascist” if you disagree with them and have a thought that’s your own. They mindlessly follow what their overlords in the government, media and other elites tell them to believe. They obey what Hollywood tells them.

We no longer think analytically or critically. We’ve become a society that blindly follow those who we perceive as being ‘better.’ What makes them better? What makes them experts? Why do we allow people who preach against the 1%, who are in fact that 1%, tell us what is the truth? We continue to allow the government to erase history and brainwash our children.

We no longer question why things are done. We sit back and remain hands off. When there is protesting, it’s because of a public speaker, an opposing view point and not to denounce laws or regulations that hurt the general population.

Those who have armed protection are taking stances against those of us who wish to protect ourselves.

Right is Demonized

Those on the right have remained silent for the most part. We aren’t rioting or looting. We’re not illegally blocking roads and beating people. We don’t throw acid and concrete milkshakes at people. We don’t cover our faces like chicken shits.

Those who do publicly take stances and protest, show their faces. For the most part, they have civil discourse. For the most part, everyone is welcoming of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation despite what the biased media tells you.

So why is the right demonized while the extreme leftists are praised?

It’s simple really; the left wants government control. They want gun regulations, socialism, communism, and they want to strip people of their rights. They hide behind “hate speech” and lump everyone who doesn’t agree into the extreme right, which just helps to keep a world of hate served hot and ready.

Rather than allowing the violence to continue, stop being a victim. Stop backing down and apologizing if someone calls you a name because they don’t have anything to add to a conversation.

Don’t allow someone who disagrees with you to make you feel bad. Stop it.

That goes for both sides. We’re supposed to be a civilization of thinkers. We’re not barbarians. Emotions continually run high and violence tends to break out.

World of Hate Not Required

But, it doesn’t need to be like this. It isn’t required to have a world of hate. Everyone will never agree on everything. That is human nature. That’s what makes us great and this nation greater. We don’t have to think like our neighbors. We should be able to talk and argue without hating one another or trying to kill each other.

We can’t erase history. We can’t stop teaching it or change it to fit an agenda. History is history and we should learn from it rather than think we can just redo it. Socialism, communism, and dictatorships don’t work. They’ve always ended up in the death of those who oppose. Typically, this happens through starvation and tyranny in general.

Do I think the hatred will stop? No. It’s going to continue to get worse before anything gets better. But I will remain steadfast in our Constitutional rights and the fact they’re for everyone, and not just the left. I will continue to civilly argue my points.

I will not shut up.

You don’t have to shut up either. Which is why we have a place for you to speak up in the comments below or in the forums and community areas. So, please, practice your 1st amendment right.

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