Pleasantly Surprised
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Gun Show

Saturday, August 24th we went to the gun show that was held at the local convention center. Kids in tow because they love history and there’s always antiques to look at.

Pleasantly Surprised

While there we saw MAGA hats for sale. Our kids are fully informed for their age. They talk with us and do their own research about topics then ask questions. (People think I exaggerate how intelligent our kids are. No. They are really fucking smart.) They’ve been asking for a MAGA hat for quite some time now.

We obliged. I also picked one up for myself.

All was well at the gun show. A lot of booth attendants talked to them. Fist bumps all around.

Then, we left. We headed up to the mall to walk around so they could spend birthday money. One of our boys decided to wear his MAGA hat into the mall. They’ve never really dealt with confrontation. So needless to say mom was a bit nervous, but proud. Dad was very proud and not nervous.

Pleasantly Surprised

I did keep him a bit closer to us than normal, just in case. Our mall has had issues with people shooting with their illegal firearms.

Want to know what happened to said boy while wearing his MAGA hat?


Not one person said anything to him. Was it because of very intimidating dad? Was it mom staring everyone down who glanced in his direction?

Not sure.

But aside from some teenagers watching him for a few minutes, I was pleasantly surprised. Is the acceptance of Trump as a not terrible president finally spreading?

I’d like to think so. I would hope that people are finally realizing after three years he’s not going to murder the entire United States, despite what CNN says.

Will we let the kids keep wearing their MAGA hats? Fuck yeah.

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