The Hypocritical Left
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Do As I Say

I know. I know. As if you didn’t already know the left was hypocritical. But stay with me on this one.

In this age of technology our access to everything, including our elected officials, is changing. No longer do we have to wait for journalists to write articles or watch what he says on TV. We can ask questions ourselves. We can reach out en mass to question their decisions.

The Hypocritical Left

This is actually why some people like President Trump being so active on Twitter. Granted, he may not always say the best things, but we get the information straight from him. He doesn’t hide. This probably makes him one of, if not THE most transparent presidents ever.

That being said, last year President Trump was sued for blocking criticizers on Twitter. The judge ruled that by blocking people he was denying them their first amendment rights, which is illegal. So Trump unblocked those people. He’s harassed daily.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was recently sued by a free speech group for blocking Twitter users whose views she didn’t agree. She claims it’s because of harassment. President Trump still had to unblock those who disagreed with and harassed him.

Why is blocking people okay for AOC?

It’s not.

Hypocritical AOC

“While there may be reasonable restrictions that don’t go to the specific views that are being expressed on Twitter, at the end of the day, the First Amendment prohibits public officials, like Representative Ocasio-Cortez, from silencing critics because of the views they’re expressing.”

Carrie DeCell, a staff attorney for the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University

You can’t tell a federal judge “no.” If you are ordered to unblock Twitter users because you’re violating their first amendment rights, you do it. You are not a private citizen anymore. You are a public official. Start acting like it.

You’re also not a bartender any longer. Stop acting like it.

What are your thoughts on AOC and this latest situation? Let us know in the comments below or in the forums.

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