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We are currently in the third/fourth wave of feminism, in case anyone was unaware (*cough* AOC and others *cough*). Many would say that this wave isn’t really about women being treated equal or getting equal rights (myself included). Many would also say that the past two waves have accomplished equal rights for women. Of coarse, there will always be individual examples of wrong-doing, but I would argue that goes towards all groups of people, including the much-hated “white men.”

Now that we are all caught up on today’s “feminism,” let’s see what AOC has to say on a quick sound bite of Tucker Carlson from Fox News.

So, obviously, she doesn’t understand that when Tucker says “feminists do science,” he means third wave feminists. Not women in general like so many of the comments would like to make you believe. She’s trying to conflate the two just like so many other topics Liberals yap about.

All that Tucker is saying is that it’s odd that we allow women who don’t understand that there is no wage gap, they have equal rights and Burkas aren’t a symbol of freedom to control and lead the narrative on climate change. (Side note: funny how Twitter considers this video “sensitive” material.)

Hey, AOC, here’s a tip: make your policies better and you won’t need to resort to these tricks in order to get people to like you. Stop being an Identitarian. Although, just like taking guns, segregating people into groups is another tool Socialists use, isn’t it?

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