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It seems that the hypocrisy of the left is showing. Recently Presidential candidate Joe Biden was accused of inappropriately touching a woman.

We remember when Judge Brett Kavanaugh was drug through the mud when a woman accused him of sexual misconduct in his youth. An allegation that turned out to not be true. It was a leftist ploy to discredit him so President Donald Trump would not appoint him to the Supreme Court.

Obviously, this ploy failed miserably.

Now, oh how the tables have turned. A few weeks ago a former Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores came forward that Joe Biden smelled her hair and kissed the back of her head at an event five years ago. Yesterday, another woman came forward. Amy Lappos came forward on Monday to report that Biden pulled her close to him to rub noses while she worked a fundraiser for U.S. Representative Jim Himes.

We have all seen the videos of creepy Joe Biden touching and kissing women and children. We’ve seen the cringes of these peoples faces. In the era of #MeToo, why aren’t the rest coming forward? Therefore, are the allegations only reserved for the right?

#MeToo activist, and nutcase, Alyssa Milano has come out in support of creepy Joe Biden. In her typical fashion, Milano took to Twitter on Monday to support her “friend”:

As a woman who has survived the unthinkable, it is disgusting that a woman who supposedly champions for women to speak out is now defending a possible predator.

Brett Kavanaugh was not granted this liberty of being innocent until proven guilty. He was guilty in the public eye and nearly lost his appointment to the Supreme Court because of women lying about something that might have happened 30 years ago.

Biden inappropriately touches women, and the #MeToo champions come out to support his actions.

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