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If you haven’t heard or saw the video yet, Cardi B has come under backlash for a 3 year old video of her saying that she “drugged” and “robbed men” in the past. Now, she states that she needed to do this in order to “survive” and she was limited on options. Really? Were getting a second job or even BEGGING for money not options? Many would argue those are much better options.

I think this Twitter post says it all:

This is exactly the issue. Where is the supposed equality? Did we all forget about #MeToo, already? No. I guarantee nobody forgot. That’s because the “movement” was never about equality and this proves it. Go on Twitter or anywhere Cardi B fans can be found, and you’ll find her being defended.

Sure, maybe there wasn’t rape involved. We don’t really know, after all, if sex was carried out AFTER the men were drugged. She was a sex worker, so sex was probably consensual before the drugging, but would you sleep well at night without any thoughts of possibly being raped if it happened to you?

Besides, we have her on film bragging about this lifestyle. Bill Cosby never bragged…..

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