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Limit the 2nd Amendment? Newsom’s 28th Amendment Gains Support Throughout California Among Those Typically Outside of Politics

Hold on to your guns, folks, California Governor Gavin Newsom has garnered significant support for his mission to limit the 2nd Amendment. Not only is he actively going after the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), but his recent remarks about civil rights organizations have caused quite a stir. This contentious battle between Newsom and pro-Second Amendment advocates is heating up, and it’s important to delve into the details of this attack on the 2A.

Newsom’s assault on civil liberties and the rights of gun owners has been a focal point of his tenure as governor. However, his recent efforts to tear apart and limit the 2nd Amendment have reached new heights. His disdain for the FPC is evident in his derogatory name-calling, reducing the organization’s mission to merely selling merchandise like t-shirts and hats.

Initially, Newsom’s radical proposal to limit the 2nd Amendment through the addition of his proposed 28th Amendment received little support. Many organizations and politicians shied away from openly endorsing his extreme stance. But, as time passed, the tide began to turn. Newsom’s relentless push to undermine the Second Amendment seems to have struck a chord with several influential figures in California.

The list of individuals supporting Newsom’s anti-Second Amendment campaign is quite alarming. It extends beyond politicians and encompasses various groups. California lawmakers, such as Anthony Portentino, David Min, and Aisha Wahab, are fully on board with Newsom’s agenda. Gun safety advocates, including Shannon Watts and Fred Gutenberg, are also rallying behind him. Surprisingly, even leaders in the medical field, like Dr. Donald Hernandez, president of the California Medical Association, have joined the movement.

Limit The 2Nd Amendment

Moreover, support for Newsom’s cause is not limited to specific sectors. Statewide leaders, including the lieutenant governor, attorney general, and insurance commissioner, have thrown their weight behind him. Even local leaders, such as mayors and superintendents, are jumping on the bandwagon. It seems that the entirety of California’s political establishment is now united in their goal to severely limit the 2nd Amendment.

While some may dismiss Newsom’s efforts as mere political posturing, it would be unwise to underestimate the ripple effect it could have. California has often served as a harbinger of policy changes that later spread to other states. If this movement gains traction, it could pave the way for similar assaults on the Second Amendment across the nation.

The implications of such a move are deeply concerning for gun owners and defenders of individual rights. Newsom’s push to repeal the Second Amendment disregards the importance of personal protection and undermines the principles upon which America was founded. By eliminating the right to bear arms, citizens would be left defenseless against potential threats, both from criminals and an overreaching government.

As this battle intensifies, it is crucial for supporters of the Second Amendment to remain vigilant. Newsom’s growing coalition of supporters highlights the need for a unified and resolute defense of our constitutional rights. The fight for the Second Amendment is far from over, and it is imperative that those who value liberty and freedom continue to voice their opposition to Newsom’s dangerous agenda.

While it may be tempting to dismiss Newsom’s proposals as mere rhetoric, the potential consequences of dismantling or even simply limiting the Second Amendment cannot be ignored. The future of the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners hang in the balance, and it is up to Americans across the country to stand up in defense of their fundamental liberties.

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