Jeremy Brown
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Jeremy Brown’s Arrest Sheds Light on Alleged FBI Involvement in January 6th Incident

In a recent turn of events, Jeremy Brown, a former U.S. Army special operations soldier with 20 years of service, has found himself at the center of a controversy involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the January 6th incident. Brown claims that the FBI attempted to recruit him to participate in the “false flag” operation against peaceful American protesters on that day. Following his decision to make video evidence of the FBI visit public, Brown was subsequently arrested on what he believes are unfounded charges and has been sentenced to seven years in federal prison.

In an exclusive interview with Greg Reese, Jeremy Brown discusses the details of his ordeal and sheds light on his new podcast, Fusion Cell. According to Brown, there is a prevailing sense that something is amiss in America, and he believes that the nation is currently under occupation. Expressing his skepticism towards relying on popular figures or politicians as saviors, Brown emphasizes that the power to address these issues lies within the people themselves. He argues that America has become a country of cowards who only speak out if their beliefs receive widespread validation, a far cry from the intentions of the nation’s founding fathers.

Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown, a Former U.S. Army Special Operations Soldier

Continuing his impassioned statements, Brown asserts that the true threat lies in the institutional information dominance that has misled generations and fostered complacency. He contends that people have been conditioned and disoriented, leading to a lack of concern for issues such as sexual abuse, societal division, and widespread deception. In his view, America may need to hit rock bottom, spiraling into complete tyranny and totalitarianism, before its citizens rise up and demand change. Brown questions the efficacy of traditional means of change, such as voting in what he perceives as rigged elections or relying on censored media platforms.

Highlighting the need for unconventional warfare, Brown urges Americans to embrace the cause of liberty and actively work towards reclaiming the country. He criticizes the prevailing two-party system and the dominance of standing armies, which he believes contradict the intentions of the Constitution and the fears of the founding fathers. Despite his current circumstances, Brown remains dedicated to serving the country, even from behind bars.

Brown’s story raises important questions about government surveillance, individual liberties, and the role of activism in contemporary America. As his podcast, Fusion Cell, gains traction, Brown aims to share his insights and encourage others to take action. The interview with Jeremy Brown can be found on Rumble and his channel on, while his podcast promises regular episodes touching upon various aspects of American life.

While opinions on Brown’s claims and the events surrounding January 6th may differ, his case provides a platform to engage in a broader discussion about the balance between security and civil liberties, the role of institutions, and the responsibility of citizens in shaping the future of their country.

This is especially true for this great nation, The United States of America. As Jeremy details, this country was founded by people rising up and taking control. They weren’t waiting for a single person to lead or take control. They did it themselves.

Let us know your thoughts on how good or bad the future of this nation looks in the comments below.

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