Uk'S Universal Basic Income
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UK’s Universal Basic Income Trial is But a Wet Dream for the Globalists

A controversial proposal for a universal basic income (UBI) trial in England has raised concerns about its potential ramifications. Under the plan, thirty individuals would receive £1,600 (about $1,900 at the time of this writing) a month without any obligations, as researchers from the think tank Autonomy seek financial backing for this two-year pilot program. While supporters argue that UBI could simplify the welfare system and address poverty, a closer examination reveals troubling aspects and hints at a hidden agenda connected to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Unveiling the True Nature of Universal Basic Income

Behind the façade of financial support for all individuals, UBI represents a profound shift in societal dynamics. It involves the government providing a fixed salary to every citizen, regardless of their financial situation, creating a dependency on state handouts.

The WEF, known for its globalist agenda, has been actively promoting UBI as a solution to societal challenges. By embracing UBI, England’s trial aligns with the WEF’s vision of reshaping economies and consolidating control under the guise of addressing inequality (which is a whole other issue).

Hidden Motives of Autonomy’s Proposed Trial

The selection of central Jarrow and East Finchley for the UBI trial raises eyebrows. These areas are strategically chosen to manipulate public perception and mask the broader agenda at play.

The support for Autonomy’s trial from the WEF-connected charity Big Local and Northumbria University hints at powerful interests pulling the strings behind the scenes. The funding sources, likely private philanthropic entities or local authorities, raise concerns about hidden motives and potential control over the trial’s outcomes.

Unraveling the Implications of UBI

UBI threatens to erode the principles of personal accountability and hard work by providing a guaranteed income without any obligation to contribute to society. This fosters a culture of dependency and diminishes the drive for self-improvement and achievement.

Critics argue that UBI is an exorbitant undertaking that diverts funds away from essential public services. The substantial costs associated with implementing and sustaining UBI could lead to increased taxes and strain on the economy, potentially exacerbating the very issues it claims to address.

Unveiling the WEF’s Agenda of Social Control

Uk's Universal Basic Income
UK’s Universal Basic Income

The WEF’s agenda becomes apparent when examining the wider implications of UBI. By advocating for UBI, they seek to consolidate power and exert control over societies, shaping them according to their own vision. This top-down approach undermines individual freedoms and promotes a state-dependent populace.

UBI’s introduction aligns with the WEF’s broader initiative known as the Great Reset, which seeks to transform global economies and societal structures. UBI serves as a stepping stone towards a centralized system of control, where the WEF and other powerful entities dictate the direction of nations.

Summing Up and Connecting Dots

While proponents present universal basic income as a solution to societal challenges, a critical analysis reveals troubling aspects and connections to the World Economic Forum’s agenda. UK’s universal basic income trial, led by Autonomy and supported by influential entities, raises concerns about hidden motives and the erosion of personal responsibility.

By unraveling the hidden agenda behind UBI, individuals can discern the potential threats to individual freedoms, economic stability, and the overall fabric of society. It is essential to question the true intentions behind UBI and remain vigilant in safeguarding the principles of individual autonomy and economic sovereignty.

It’s obvious that the WEF has taken hold of the U.K. even though they broke away from the EU. Besides this UBI trial, 15 minute cities have begun to be normalized and the U.K. has begun seeing more immigrants move in and surpass the rate of native birthrates.

The U.K. may be lost within the next 5 to 10 years if people there don’t wake up to the WEF’s agenda.

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