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An Associated Press and NORC Poll Found Only 19 Percent of Americans Have a “Great Deal” of Confidence in Biden and His Involving the U.S. in the Ukraine Conflict While Only 26 Percent Want the US to Have a Major Rule in the War

A recent poll conducted by Associated Press and NORC has revealed that a majority of Americans lack confidence in President Joe Biden’s handling of the Ukraine conflict. Only 19% of respondents expressed “great deal” of confidence in Biden’s approach, while 37% stated they had “only some” confidence, and 43% said they had “hardly any” confidence. The survey also found that only 42% approved of Biden’s management of the US’s relationship with Russia, while 54% disapproved.

Regarding the US’s involvement in the conflict, 25% of respondents believed the US should play no role at all, and 49% thought it should have a minor role. Only 26% believed the US should have a major role. Additionally, 59% of Democrats were in favor of sending government funds directly to Ukraine, while only 21% of Republicans agreed. However, this represents a decline in support among both parties compared to last year.

Confidence in Biden
Poll on Biden’s Ability in Ukraine
Poll: US Role in Ukraine
Poll on US Role in Ukraine

These results come in the midst of a potential 2024 election rematch between Biden and former President Donald Trump. Trump recently stated that he would negotiate a peace deal and put an end to the conflict within 24 hours, while also pledging to remove the “demented warmongers and globalists” currently in the US National Security establishment.

Trump on Ukraine War

More people should look into the history of the region as well as our own. Do you really want another endless war? Against Russia at that?

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