Nord Stream Pipelines
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Looks Like The Nord Stream Pipelines Have Been Sabotaged in Possible Movement to Accelerate The Great Reset and Wipe Out Any Possibility of Going Back to Oil in Europe

Reports and video are coming out from the corporate media that the Nord Stream pipelines are simply “leaking,” but it’s telling that each pipeline that’s part of the Nord Stream 1 series of pipelines has “leaks.” This looks to be a sabotage as there are many holes in multiple parts of the pipelines. Add to this the reports of explosions prior to the leaks and I think we all know what’s going on here.

The question now being raised, if indeed this is a sabotage, is who would have done it? The West and everyone against Russia will likely blame Moscow. In effect, this will likely push us into WW3 and accelerate The Great Reset. This is especially ominous because just yesterday, Germans were protesting their own government to work with Russia in fully opening the flow of oil and natural gas back to Europe, including opening the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that was put on hold.

If you want my opinion, it’s not so likely that Russia would do this. They have full control over the flow. Why sabotage it? It’s much more likely that Globalist Elites ordered this to be done as a false flag attack to both blame Russia and to accelerate The Great Reset, but that’s just my opinion. That being said, the facts of the case are that Biden has said in the past that he’d go after the pipelines if Russia invaded Ukraine. So there’s that…

In the following video, you can see multiple angles of the multiple massive leaks through the pipelines.

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