Wanderlinger Brewing Co Drag Show Includes Child Stroking Drag Queen’s Groin During Provocative Performance 1
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A very disturbing video from the Wanderlinger Brewing Co drag show in Tennessee shows a very young child stroking the groin of a drag performer dressed as a Disney princess.

The video is from the Chattanooga Pride Youth Day at Wanderlinger Brewing Co. over the weekend. An extremely young child is seen in the video stroking the fabric near the crotch of a smiling drag queen dressed as a mermaid as the song “Part of That World” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid plays in the background.

Drag Queen

The event, which was hosted at Wanderlinger Brewing Co. doesn’t seem to have been promoted on their website or any of their social media. It was promoted by the Chattanooga Pride/Tennessee Valley Pride – an organization “celebrating diversity in Chattanooga, Tennessee and combining our LGBTQ Resources to raise awareness, educate, and improve our community with dignity.”

Wanderlinger Brewing Co

Robby Starbuck recorded the video of the event as the drag queens paraded around a small stage dressed as Disney princesses inviting very, very young children to “dance” with them.

After the Disney princess performers, another performed an erotic dance that included spreading his legs wide enough to show the underwear and groin of the performer.

Wanderlinger Brewing Co Drag Show Includes Child Stroking Drag Queen’s Groin During Provocative Performance 2

“Today we got footage of Chattanooga Pride Youth Day at Wanderlinger Brewing Co. and this is what kids were subjected to,” Starbuck wrote on Twitter. “It’s NOT hard to not spread your legs to kids. It’s NOT hard to redirect a kid away from that area if they grab near your crotch. We have to stop this madness!”

“The fact they WANT to spread their legs for kids should make very clear to everyone that something is WRONG with this. Where’s law enforcement? We won’t allow this to continue,” said the former congressional candidate. “In Tennessee, there will be no safe space to be inappropriate like this with kids. We WILL stop this!”

“We will be watching every move the left makes to do this in Tennessee and we will be reporting to the public, to the politicians, and to the police until this stops,” Starbuck concluded. “Tennesseans: Send this to your reps and ask them to stop this and to work with us on legislation to protect kids!”

The website for the brewery (which requires people to be 21 or over to access it) previously promoted an “All Ages Pride Event at Wanderlinger.” The Pride Month event that took place in June featured “Drag Queen Story Time with Hormona Lisa” and an “All Ages Drag Show.”

The depravity of this is incredible. People are exposing children to these over-sexualized events that have had pedophiles present more than once.

 In 2019, the Houston Public Library admitted that a registered child sex offender had been reading to children as part of their Drag Queen Storytime program. In 2020, UK Drag Queen Storytime tweeted out the pedophile slogan “Love has no age.” In 2021, a sponsor of the storytime in Milwaukee was arrested on child pornography charges. And this year, a Pennsylvania drag performer named Brice Patric Ryschon Williams, who has danced explicitly for children, was charged with 25 counts of child pornography in Pennsylvania.

The supporters and mothers who drag their children to these immoral events just show the degradation of our society. We’re watching the rise of Sodom and Gomorrah every day as children are exposed to pedophiles and perversion. These people are stealing the innocence of our youngest and most vulnerable.

We need to stand up for our children and protect them rather than seek that 15 minutes of fame by pushing mental illnesses on them.

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