Mtg January 6Th
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The Congresswoman Representing Georgia’s 14th District, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Has Finally Let Known Her Preferred Pronouns

Don’t worry, this story isn’t what you think. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn’t gone woke. No… in fact, she’s playing the game exactly how you would imagine. The only thing you might not be expecting is just how many “pronouns” she prefers. Take a guess at what a few of them might be before you see them for yourself.

The following are MTG‘s preferred pronouns:

  • Impeach/Biden
  • Purge/DOJ
  • Defund/FBI
  • Fire/Fauci
  • Abolish/ATF
  • Close/The/Border
  • Only/Two/Genders
  • Put/Prayer/Back/In/School
  • No/Men/In/Women’s/Anything
  • Ban/Drag/Queen/Story-time
  • Stop/Gender/Affirming/Care/On/Kids
  • Bring/Back/American/Energy
  • America/First
Mtg Preferred Pronouns

I can already hear the left screaming to the skies that “those aren’t pronouns!!!” They are real words and based in more truth than ANY “pronoun” the left has ever conjured up. On top of that, what are they going to say? That you can make up any random pronoun/gender you want, but can’t transition nouns, adjectives, verbs or adverbs into pronouns? Who is the arbiter of these rules?

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