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 Fairfield District Superior Court, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble has set a seriously disastrous precedent for all journalists with the Alex Jones decision. In her court, you’re guilty until proven innocent. Or in Jones’s case you’re just guilty, it’s just a matter of how guilty.

Now that the Alex Jones defamation trial is over and the liberal judge, Maya Guerra Gamble, assigned to preside over the entire clown show deemed Jones guilty, what does this mean for journalists in America? Specifically, anyone who doesn’t comply? It’s easy. If you don’t mindlessly agree with what the liberals, progressives, and leftists want they’ll simply punish you.

The precedent that the liberal judge has set goes beyond Alex Jones. The lawyer even said in his opening statements, that they want to establish a precedent to sue anyone who discusses topics “important to people” that they consider “misinformation”, creating safe spaces they enforce through bankrupting lawsuits.

Precedent Set Forth In Alex Jones Trial Could Be Disastrous For All Journalists 1

Experts who have weighed in on the Jones case have said that the jury’s ruling could have far-reaching impact on First Amendment law and on the future of journalism in the United states.

“It’s really a question of whether defamation will even really exist in the age of conspiracy theories and ‘anything goes’ on the internet,” said Hartford attorney Alex Taubes. “There’s a real question here with this case of, is there anywhere that facts matter? As lawyers, we care about facts. So, do facts matter? If Mr. Jones is not held fully liable for the harm he’s inflicted on our communities, then facts don’t really matter, do they?”

“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”
~ George Orwell, 1984, Page 217

Jones was instructed to not even discuss the trial, he wasn’t allowed to claim his innocence, essentially his first amendment rights were striped away by a judge who doesn’t like him because of his words. Words that the parents admitted to never hearing until their lawyer showed them.

The rulings in Texas and Connecticut are an assault on due process and the rule of law.

We’ve been saying that once they started attacking the second amendment it wouldn’t take long to start on the first. They haven’t even fully destroyed the second amendment and already they’re going after the 1A.

A third-party legal adviser weighed in on the constitutional violations of due process and the First Amendment violations.

“You have been denied your fundamental, constitutional due process right to present a defense in Texas or Connecticut. Both Judge Guerra Gamble and Judge Barbara Bellis have stripped you of your First Amendment rights for allegedly failing to provide enough discovery. Neither judge can deny that you responded to discovery, they just ruled that it was insufficient. The effect of these rulings, incredibly, is that you have been found guilty by two judges who never even held trials or heard any evidence. Additionally, “since finding you guilty without listening to any evidence, Judge Guerra Gamble has repeatedly sanctioned you monetarily for exactly the same thing she has already sanctioned you for by declaring you guilty,” the adviser stated.

Judge Guerra Gamble has largely agreed that Alex Jones’ lawyers should be gagged during Alex Jones’ trial from:

Precedent Set Forth In Alex Jones Trial Could Be Disastrous For All Journalists 2
Precedent Set Forth In Alex Jones Trial Could Be Disastrous For All Journalists 3
Precedent Set Forth In Alex Jones Trial Could Be Disastrous For All Journalists 4

Alex Jones has also been prohibited from asserting that the plaintiffs have become public figures by appearing on television, testifying before Congress, giving TED talks, and publishing books.

Finally, the judge has determined that the “jury shall be instructed” to find any arguments about Infowars’ journalistic practices to be “established in favor of the Plaintiff.”

What people need to realize is that this is not about Alex. This is about muzzling anyone who may have different opinions and thoughts that do not parrot what the official narrative is can now be completely ruined in court.

What about those who comment and report on the 2020 election? On anything that former vice president Biden does? Or his son? Or the Clintons?

In fact one of the jurors asked a question that should be alarming to everyone. “Can we use lawsuits like these to stop election deniers”?

Do you see the problem with this yet?

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

~ George Orwell, 1984, Page 81

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