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Bonnie Nichols, Wife of J6 Prisoner and Marine Veteran Ryan Nichols, Speaks Out Against the Lack of Due Process and Inhumane Treatment For the J6 Prisoners

Bonnie Nichols was one of the family members who showed up to make a speech for the lack of due process and inhumane treatment for the January 6th prisoners. Bonnie starts by giving details on who Ryan Nichols (her husband) is, what he’s done for this nation and how horribly he’s being treated in the DC gulag. He has children, along with his wife, that he doesn’t get to see, even by video call.

Bonnie goes on to explain how inhumanely he’s being treated by being told to “chew off his own toenails” by the guards and officers in charge. He isn’t allowed sunlight, proper food or proper medications. She explains how this prisoner is being ran like a gulag and is not only affecting her husband, but every other prisoner there. This isn’t due process and this isn’t a humane prison.

The prisoners are not allowed to even see each other. Even the world’s most secure prison filled with the worst inmates get social time.

Bonnie says her husband is NOT an insurrectionist and the “insurrection” that took place isn’t what the government and J6 Commission says it is. They aren’t showing all of the video footage and continue to show only what they want that fits their agenda.

Watch the video now to see her full speech.

Watch on Rumble or Odysee

What do you think? No matter how you feel about what happened that day, you have to believe that due process is very important. Due process is really the big thing being torn down around us, lately. Think about what the Democrats and RINOs are trying to do with gun laws and “Red Flag’ laws. Think about what many try and do with cancel culture.

Let us know your thoughts below.

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1 year ago

First off it totally infuriates me. I can’t believe our government has stooped so low in partisan politics. It just truly shows how evil they are and they will stop at nothing to get their way. It’s criminal and the scary thing is – they are getting by with it. How long will this go on?

1 year ago

Ann Coulter wrote that if we keep following the route our nation is on, we will eventually become just another third-world shithole like the rest of the countries in the Western Hemisphere. ……we have almost arrived at that destination!

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