COVID Vax Nanoparticles
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Mike Adams and Harrison Smith Examine Strange COVID Vax Nanoparticles That Create Rubber Band-like Tissue in the Veins and Arteries Which Were Removed From Suddenly Deceased Cadavers That Appear to be Engineered to Grow Inside the Body

Mike Adams and others have reported on this in the past, but now the protein strands have been brought in directly from a suddenly deceased cadaver who was fully “vaccinated” and boosted against COVID and examined. This was confirmed by two doctors and a mortician on the show, yesterday.

mRNA Protein
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In the video, Mike breaks down what exactly these strands of COVID vax nanoparticles are, look like, where they are located and he zooms in thousands of times to show the detail of these strands. They are not hairs, rubber bands, blood vessels, arteries or blood clots themselves. He even shows the comparison to normal blood samples and what a blood clot would look like on its own.

Basically, the protein strands are being caused and formed by the mRNA vaccine which then begin to grow and collect more spiked proteins. Get enough of the strands and you’ll block your blood in your veins and arteries. This will lead to a diagnosis of “blood clotting” even though, really, it’s a blockage.

Watch the video for yourself below and pay attention closely as there is a lot of information.

What do you think? Do you believe this is real? It’s obviously done on camera, but we don’t know for sure that this was taken out of a human body. Two doctors and a mortician back these claims up, however. Either way, we just report and give you the information. Ultimately, you decide for yourself what to believe.

Me? Just add this to the list of reasons why I won’t get ANY mRNA “vaccine.”

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Ayodele Awolana
Ayodele Awolana
1 year ago

Altering the genome with the CV-19 bioweapon alters the inter chromosomal communication system, between the myriad loops and whorls, resulting in an altered protein product output. The S1 Protein product accumulates in the cardiovascular system resulting in these rubbery blockages. jmho

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