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Chesa Boudin, Progressive San Francisco DA, is Recalled  2
Chesa Boudin, Progressive San Francisco DA, is Recalled  3
Chesa Boudin, Progressive San Francisco DA, is Recalled  4


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Chesa Boudin, Progressive San Francisco DA, is Recalled 

Chesa Boudin, Progressive San Francisco DA, is Recalled 
Post Sponsor: Express VPN | 30-day money back guaranteeChesa Boudin, Progressive San Francisco DA, is Recalled  5

Chesa Boudin was removed as the DA in San Francisco, the most liberal city in our nation, following a recall effort centered on his handling of rising crime across the city.

Now uber-liberal Mayor London Breed is tasked with finding a new DA. I’m sure the next DA will be as bad as the last.

Since Boudin was sworn in as DA crime in San Francisco has risen and his progressive leniency finally made citizens mad enough to demand a recall.

Chesa Boudin

60.5% of ballots were to remove Boudin from office, while 39.5% voted no, according to Edison Research, which projected the recall. He was elected in 2019 and has since faced criticism over his progressive criminal justice policies as those supporting his recall pointed to an increased murder rate, violent crime, shoplifting, burglaries, and open-air drug trade as reasons to vote for his removal from office.

san francisco
crime stats

He is the first San Francisco district attorney to be recalled, and only the second to face a recall election. 

“This is a movement, not a moment in history,” Boudin said. “The coalition that we built… it is broad, it is diverse, it is strong. And it is a coalition that is deeply committed to justice,” he added.

Of course, rather than looking at his actions and the fact that residents of San Francisco are fed up with the smash and grabs, the drug use, the homicides, he blames corporate interests.

His father, David Gilbert, a former member of the left-wing extremist Weather Underground group, spent 40 years in prison for second-degree murder and first-degree robbery charges before being granted parole last year.

His mother, Kathy Boudin, who was also a member of Weather Underground, spent more than 20 years in prison before being released in 2003. Boudin was raised by left-wing activist Bill Ayers, who was a co-founder of Weather Underground.

“Tonight showed that voters from every community and every walk of life, regardless of political ideology, are rejecting pro-criminal policies that are masked as criminal justice reform,” said a representative of the Recall Gascon Campaign. “George Gascón and Chesa Boudin’s failed social experiments have destroyed communities while doing nothing to meaningfully reform the system. If LA County voters sign and return their recall petitions, Gascon will be walking the same plank in the near future”

Former vice president spoke out about the recall on Tuesday night.

“Voters sent a clear message last night,” Biden said Wednesday. “Both parties have to step up and do something about crime as well as gun violence.”

“It’s time states and the localities spend the money they have to deal with crime, as well as retrain police officers, as well as provide for more community policing,” he added. “And that’s what I think the message last night from the American public was in all the primaries.”

Chesa Boudin, Progressive San Francisco DA, is Recalled  1

This is one of the only ways that the liberal scum that are taking over will understand that we are fed up. Vote them out.

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Chesa Boudin, Progressive San Francisco DA, is Recalled  6
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