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The Gateway Pundit received secret video recordings from inside the DC Gulag where January 6th prisoners are being held despite investigations admitting there was no insurrection.

The videos that the Gateway Pundit received are disturbing, to say the least. The fact that the government has no problems treating citizens expressing their rights so heinously is reprehensible.

They haven’t even treated those who burned down cities and murdered dozens of people during the “summer of love” in the same matter as those that are still locked up for daring to be in the capital on January 6.

The facilities are filthy and the prisoners are treated inhumanely in torturous conditions.

Gateway Pundit

27-year-old Brandon Fellows, who has been unconstitutionally imprisoned since June 2021, managed to get the recordings out of the DC Gitmo. What heinous crime did Fellows commit to end up imprisoned and tortured? He was “taking two hits of marijuana in the Capitol after having a conversation with police who told him he could go inside.”

In the first video, Fellows is seen collecting what appears to be black mold from the faucet of his sink where his drinking water comes from. He places it in a tiny bag and shows it to the camera:

He managed to get the little sample to his attorney to get confirmation on what kind of mold is infesting his drinking water. According to experts, mold in drinking water can be deadly.

The SS Guard who are torturing the American citizens who are locked up are refusing all outside witnesses, visitors, and journalists from entering the inside of the jail cells. This is why there has been no footage of the conditions people are living in. They’ve even refused to allow US Legislatures from entering.

At least not until now.

“My dark sense of humor is like a defense mechanism for me,” said Fellows. “It helps me deal with everything going on.”

In his next video, Fellows shows the world that there are loose live wires protruding from the walls of his small cell which is extremely dangerous and just an electrical fire waiting to happen.

Fellow spends 22 hours of his day in his tiny cell in solitary confinement. The rec time that he does receive is in yet another solitary cell with a TV. Out of the 168 hours in a week, he spends less than 10 hours outside. Between Friday and Monday, he’s not permitted to leave his cell at all.

“I wanted people to see that we are real and to prove what we are dealing with,” said Fellows about the videos

“Brandon Fellows is very brave for getting this footage out,” said a fellow J6er also housed at DC Gitmo. “It will help us all.”

As if being locked in a small cell with possible black mold in your drinking water, and exposed electrical wires weren’t enough, the disturbing videos continue to show that the cells are infested with cockroaches.

No wonder there have been reported problems of diarrhea and intense stomach pains to advocacy groups. See the video below:

Would any Gulag be complete without some re-education? He discusses how a re-education tablet is provided a few times a week. He calls it a “racist tablet”, says that it is “anti-white” and pushes the Islamic religion on prisoners. See the tablet here:

There have been a lot of reports about constipation plaguing the unconstitutionally held prisoners due to a lack of fruit and fiber in their diets. This has led to chronic overuse of laxatives which then leads to diarrhea and dehydration. In another video, Fellows is visibly emotional after seeing the small number of grapes on his food tray.

In another video Fellows shows just how disgusting and filthy the jail cells are. The floors are coated with feces after the small spaces toilet overflowed and was never sterilized.

He gives us a glimpse as to what his rec time looks like in “the hole”. He is permitted six hours in 9 days out of his prison cell. During his “free” time he remains handcuffed and alone to watch TV while sitting on a wooden chair in yet another small room. A microwave is available, but he can’t use it because his right to purchase additional food from the commissary was revoked.

Since Fellow’s is being held in the hole outside of the “Patriot Pod”, he spends his nights listening to the general population screaming.

Now the “Patriot Pod” is the area of the DC Gitmo where all J6eres are held. This is located away from the general population. Non-convicted J6er’s are not allowed to use any of the jail’s facilities like the rest of convicted prisoners are. This includes use of a cafeteria, gym, jobs, classrooms, outdoor areas, barbershop, or religious services.

“These J6er’s are second-class citizens at DC Jail,” said Tina Ryan of Citizen’s Against Political Persecution. “They don’t have the option to use the jail facilities like the other prisoners do- including the convicted murderers and rapists. Because they are Trump supporters they are being treated worse than men that have been convicted for murder.”

You can help Brandon Fellows by donating to his legal fund.

If found guilty by a jury, Fellows faces decades in prison. Fellow’s legal team plan on getting the mold (that is now in their possession) tested in a science lab and possibly suing the government for putting these pre-trial detainees in an unsafe, if not deadly, environment.

You can write Brandon Fellows via mail by sending letters or cards to:

BRANDON FELLOWS – Prisoner 377943
1901 D ST. SE


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