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The Wentzville School District is located in the conservative St. Charles County. The school district, though, is pushing far-left material and is where horrendous acts of violence have been reported.

Wentzville School District has been under fire for promoting far-left ideology and failing to protect their most vulnerable students from horrendous acts of violence.

In 2021 the school district promised parents they were not teaching CRT despite evidence to the contrary. The school issued a statement regarding parents concerns.

Wentzville School District

But the popular phrase actions speak louder than words proves true here. The teachers schedule contained a block to “Becoming an anti-racist educator”. That seems right in line with CRT. While the districts may not have lessons planned around CRT, it’s implied in the teachings.


Wentzville School District

A recent online high school quiz painted Republicans as racist and uncaring.

A grandmother posted a screenshot of the concerning quiz question to Facebook which was then reshared by state Representative Richard West.

“My granddaughter attends Holt High School in Wentzville. This was on a test today,” the grandmother wrote with an attached picture of the question. “Look at this!!! This is not appropriate for public schools in Missouri. This teacher should be fired. This is part of (critical race theory) and we should all be aware of what is being taught.”

“Totally unacceptable for K-12 schools,” West wrote in his own post, hiding the name of the student’s grandmother for anonymity. “School board notified. I want answers and so should you. Make your voices heard at your next school board meeting.”


Many people are rightfully outraged by the divisive nature of the question. A question that has no business being part of a high school students homework.

“It felt like the question was written by somebody that just hates Republicans,” a Wentzville parent told Fox 2 Now. “Kids shouldn’t be treated in such a way that it’s going to cause them to hate each other. This wasn’t really an opportunity for anybody to learn anything, and that’s really why they’re there in the first place.”

“Terrible question,” Dominic Avila, an African American Wentzville resident told Fox 2 Now. “I don’t think it should be on any test. Especially for high schoolers, where their mind is fresh and is still learning.”

A spokesman for the district released a statement pushing blame off to everyone except themselves of course.

“The Wentzville School District prides itself on successfully preparing students for Advanced Placement (AP) exams, which are college-level exams on various subjects. At many colleges and universities, a score of 3 or higher on an AP exam will potentially earn the student college credit.

In order to accomplish this, the District utilizes a variety of AP-aligned materials – including online quiz and test preparation resources, designed to ensure mastery of the content and concepts in AP curriculum and that will potentially be encountered on the AP exams. These resources are among the most widely used AP books and materials in the country.

AP Government content includes learning and opportunities to think critically about political ideology. The resources used by the district are used widely nationwide and are aligned to the AP Government exam. The item encountered by the student is extreme and the district is reaching out to the resource developers to directly address this concern.” 

Yet, are they being entirely truthful with their statement that the question is so widely used in AP books?

According to the director of communications for the college board who organizes the AP curriculum for high schools disagrees with the Wentzville School District.

“The AP Program did not provide this question, and it does not reflect the AP course framework or the kind of content students encounter on an AP Exam,” Director of Communications for The College Board – the organization in charge of AP curriculum – told The Heartlander. “AP students are expected to analyze perspectives different from their own. They are not assessed on adherence to any ideology or viewpoint.”

As if the lying, divisive liberals of this district were not bad enough, they are failures at protecting their students.

KSDK reported:

“A lawsuit has been filed against the Wentzville School District on April 22, 2022 accusing officials of failing to protect a high school student with autism from being sexually assaulted.

According to the lawsuit, the teenage student identified as ‘Mary Doe’ was raped twice during school hours. The first happened when a student drove her off campus during lunch in September of 2020 and the second happened in a women’s bathroom at another Wentzville school in January of 2022.

According to the lawsuit, Mary’s legal guardian told administrators that Mary needed to be supervised at all times because she ‘does not understand or appreciate social rules, risks and dangers’ due to her disabilities.

The lawsuit said teachers and leaders did not notice Mary was absent after lunch on the day of the first rape. After Mary’s guardian reported her missing to police, Mary was found at a home two miles away from the school with her shirt on inside out and alcohol on her breath. An exam the next day at St. Louis Children’s Hospital confirmed she was sexually assaulted.

The lawsuit said Mary’s guardian homeschooled Mary for the next few months because the student accused of raping Mary was still at the school.  

The next year, she enrolled at a different Wentzville district school. 

The lawsuit claims she was raped in the girls’ restroom at the second school by an older student, who also had autism, in January of 2022. 

According to the lawsuit, the school claimed the second incident was consensual, but the lawsuit says Mary was unable to consent due to her disability.

The lawsuit said Mary was suspended for 10 days due to the incident, which school leaders said was a ‘violation of the Student Code of Conduct.’

The lawsuit claims Wentzville School District was made aware of her autism diagnosis and of the fact that she could not go unsupervised.”

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