Judge Alison Nathanjudge alison nathan
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New York Judge Alison Nathan reduced Ghislaine Maxwell’s sentence reduced by 10 years as everyone has been preoccupied with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial.

New York Judge Alison Nathan sided with Maxwell’s defense on Friday, claiming three of Maxwell’s five charges related to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking were similar and repetitive.

The judge decided count one, which was conspiracy to lure minors across state lines with the intent of sexual activity; count three, conspiracy to transport minors across state lines with intent to engage in sexual activity; and count six, sex trafficking of a minor, were the same thing. She said they all were violations of the same statutes, which made them repetitive, and therefore, they should become one count.

This move by Judge Nathan reduced Maxwell’s maximum sentence by 10 years when she’s sentenced in June. Rather than serve a maximum of 65 years in prison, she’ll only face 55 years.

Judge Alison Nathan

Associated Press, US District Judge Alison J. Nathan set Maxwell’s sentencing for June 28. However, WPBF News 25 reported the judge altered Maxwell’s charges on April 29, which reduced her potential maximum sentence.

As the world waits for justice for Epstein and Maxwell’s victims everyone wonders, why hasn’t the client list been released? Why are these people who abused children still walking around free?

That’s a great question. Why aren’t they going down? Why has this story completely disappeared from the spotlight like the Hunter Biden laptop story?

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