Fictosexual Man
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Fictosexual Man Not Only Married a Hologram, But Now That Software Support is Ending, He Also Wants to Bring Awareness to the Lifestyle

This odd story comes out of Japan where a man named Akihiko Kondo “fell in love” with a hologram of a character called Hatsune Miku. This character is described as being 16-years-old and is a Vocaloid software voicebank developed by Crypton Future Media. The software/character has been used for digital concerts and really isn’t a typical character you might find in anime, manga, or other media.

A ‘fictosexual’, according to this sexuality wiki, is an “asexual identity for someone who mostly is attracted to Fictional characters. This could be any fictional character.” Right…. so yet another mental disorder to add to the rest of the mental disorders that seem to be floating around lately.

These “asexual identities” are probably the craziest, at least in my opinion. There isn’t any actual sexual intercourse that takes place. Maybe they’ll argue that it doesn’t need to and that it’s simply an “identity” but why is it a SEXUAL identity then? They seem to argue there are differences between gender and sexual preference, but then they rewrite the script on what each means whenever they need to peg their agenda. The mental gymnastics needed in order to play in this wonderland are Audi 5000.

Getting back on track, however, the story goes that after being “married” to this… machine, Akihiko Kondo has now lost the ability to communicate with it after software support ended. Support for the Gatebox technology was eliminated due to lack of popularity. Kondo says that his “love hasn’t changed” for Miku and that he held the wedding ceremony because he thought he “could be with her forever.”

Fictosexual Man

Originally, Kondo only had the hologram to look at and speak to, but he has since added a life size doll to go with him everywhere he goes.

Hey, look, I’m all about you being you. Do whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s rights. That being said, this isn’t exactly what humans are meant to do. We’re meant to carry on with other humans in order to continue our species. You know, a human man and a human woman.

This doesn’t even get into the issue with calling this a marriage. The definition of marriage was changed from being between a man and a woman. Call it a civil union all you want, but this isn’t a marriage.

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