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Acquitted, a Shoot ‘Em Up Game Inspired by Kyle Rittenhouse, is Releasing May 2nd on Steam but You Can Purchase Now Directly From the Developer

UPDATE: We now have gameplay footage from our livestream and a review posted!


Looking for more games that fit your love of the Constitutional values you hold dear? Nordic Empire Games (nice name by the way) is a company looking to do just that. Their first release, Acquitted, is set to explode heads of the woke both in game and out. Released April 26th through their own website and coming May 2nd to Steam, Acquitted is a top-down, shoot ’em up style game in the vein of games like Dead Nation.

Here’s the synopsis for the game provided by the publisher and developer.

Acquitted is a satirical fast-paced zombie shooter / hack-and-slash with elements of base building and turret defense that takes place on randomly generated and fully destructible maps. Fight for your life against decades of bad parenting & education that has physically manifested into a skateboard-swinging, feces-flinging horde of undead rage!

Choose from up to 18 different weapons and items to defend yourself against the hundreds of braindead hellbent on either putting you in a grave or a prison cell for refusing.”

Sounds like a fun waste of time.

The game offers 100 levels of braindead, woke “zombies” for you to blast through and defend yourself from as they surround you from every angle and try and take your life. It’s your job to make it home alive. See it in action in the following trailer for the game.

Looks like a fast-paced game with a lot of action. We’ll have to review it. Maybe even do some live stream gameplay? Hmmm…

Let us know in the comments how interested you are in this game. Want a review? Want to see us play it before you drop some coin on it?

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2 years ago

I’d buy that… They need to port it Android asap!

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