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Newspapers From Sweden and Finland Have Reported They Will Submit NATO Applications Next Month at the Same Time; They Each Have Said They Wanted to in the Past but Were Hesitant

Sweden and Finland have both remained neutral for decades but do co-operate with NATO, even going as far as to stage troops for NATO countries. Now that Russia has gone into Ukraine to remove Nazis and demilitarize the country, Sweden and Finland say this is the perfect reason to join NATO. Russia, and especially Putin, don’t agree and have warned if they join the alliance that nuclear war by hypersonic deployment is possible.

Now, two newspapers (one from each nation) is reporting both countries will submit simultaneous applications to join NATO. The submittals will apparently happen by the middle of next month (May).

The Finnish daily Iltalehti said on Monday that Stockholm had “suggested the two countries indicate their willingness to join” at the same time, and that Helsinki had agreed “as long as the Swedish government has made its decision”. The countries are apparently greatly afraid of submitting alone and there doesn’t seem to be 100 percent trust.

Sweden And Finland Newspapers

The Swedish newspaper Expressen cited government sources to confirm their report of the situation. The two prime ministers of the countries said this month they were deliberating the question, arguing Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine had changed Europe’s “whole security landscape” and “dramatically shaped mindsets” in the region.

Sweden And Finland Newspapers

Irony is thick in this situation because Russia says the same thing and feels threatened by the NATO advancement, but none of these countries can seem to understand this. Either way, this simultaneous NATO application submittal is just further escalation and now that much of Europe has decided to cut off lanes of communication with Moscow, it’s just further proof that these countries want a full-out war. Add to that the change of direction coming from Washington (they now want Russia weakened), and we are starting to see a real possibility of WW3.

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