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Bodycam Video and Other Details Have Been Released From the Alec Baldwin Rust Movie Set Shooting; Information From Investigation As Well

You didn’t forget about the Alec Baldwin shooting did you? You would be forgiven if you have. Many might be out of f*cks to give. That’s fair. I think it’s an important case for two reasons. The first is Alec Baldwin has always been very anti-second amendment and the type of elite that thinks he knows what’s best for you. The other reason it’s important is to know if whether or not these Hollywood elites will be held accountable in the same way you or I would be held accountable.

If you want a full rundown of the original story, you can read that article here. The quick rundown is that Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, while on set for the movie Rust. She was pronounced dead after being flown to University of New Mexico Hospital. The investigation is still underway, so we don’t know why live rounds were even on set, but multiple have been found on top of the one fired.

Alec Baldwin made an odd appearance on camera on the side of a freeway weeks afterward. We also wrote an article on some changes Hollywood should make (none of which includes any kind of gun control).

Now, more video has come out of the investigation including first responder bodycam footage. We also included the Alec Baldwin interview for added information.

The movie armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, says in the video that she doesn’t want to show her face in this industry ever again.

The next video shows the EMT bodycam footage of the victim, Halyna Hutchins, being treated. She appears to be alive at this point, so she wasn’t killed instantly by the gun shot as many thought. You can hear those in the video ask about life flighting her. Viewer discretion IS advised.

Watch the Alec Baldwin interview held with Santa Fe deputies following the Rust shooting.

The following video is filled with the latest directly from the investigation and the Santa Fe Sherriff, Adan Mendoza, and he says “I don’t think anybody’s off the hook when it comes to criminal charges.”

“It’s hard to determine right now the route that the case is going to go,” Mendoza reported to Today. “I think there was complacency on the set. There was disorganization, and a degree of negligence. Whether that rises to a criminal level, that will be up to the district attorney.”

In response to Alec Baldwin’s claim that he does not feel responsible for what happened on the set of Rust, Mendoza reiterated, “I think whether he’s responsible or not will be up to the district attorney’s office.”

Alec Baldwin Rust

After being asked how live ammunition ended up on the Rust movie set, the sheriff said, “That was one of the key things that we were looking into,” and noted that investigators were provided with “concerning” text messages. “There was information from text messages that was concerning — based on the fact that live ammo was spoken about, and was possibly used on a prior movie set,” he added.

“Right now, no one has come forward and admitted to bringing the live rounds onto the movie set, and that was just a few months before the Rust movie set and production began, so that is concerning,” the sheriff noted.

Mendoza also noted that “the investigative case right now is 200 plus pages.”

Looks like there’s at least a detailed investigation being done. Let’s hope the proper justice is dished out.

Thanks for reading. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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