Censors Ban Tv Advertisement
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Censors Ban TV Advertisement for Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Due to… Showing Too Much Ass?

Look… it’s understandable if the following TV commercial seems like a bit much. This is especially true if the commercial is being televised anytime before 9 PM; however, this commercial has been banned from being televised at ANY time. Okay. Maybe you’re still fine with that, but let me ask you this: why are the censors ignoring all the child-grooming commercials and shows? What about those out there pushing the ABC community agenda while also insinuating sexual activity? I won’t post any examples of those here. You can easily find them if you feel like being bold…

This is really where I’m coming from with this. It’s all about the hypocrisy. So before watching this, keep in mind the television commercials and shows that ARE allowed.

*Possibly NSFW.

It’s odd when a girl-on-girl commercial is made to sell food by using the old rule of “sex sells” to straight men must be banned, but make this same commercial to push a ABC community or diversity agenda and it’s guaranteed to stay televised. At this point, I’m almost BEGGING for more of these commercials to exist. After all, if we’re in a race against progressive, leftist, ABC community activists on who gets to corrupt my children first, I’d prefer it be commercials like this (half joking).

10 years ago, this commercial would be removed for “family-friendly” reasons (or moved to an after-hour time frame), but it’s a bit hypocritical now-a-days. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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