Grand Theft Auto 5 Woke Edition
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Rockstar, of all Video Game Developers, Has Apparently Given in to Activist Group OutMakingGames and Removed Certain “Controversial” Characters and Dialogue in Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Another one lost to the culture war.

It looks like Rockstar Games, creator and developer behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, has joined in on the wokeness. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a video game that has received MANY rereleases and ports, but there’s at least one more version being released and this time on ‘next-gen’ (is this now current gen yet?) consoles. The PC will also see this re-release.

Many who know of the Grand Theft Auto games know they have some of the most explicit content in all of video games. GTA 5, like every other release in the series, takes the this content to a higher level through its story, dialogue and graphics. Some of this content involved cracking jokes about race and sexuality. The sexuality jokes include gay and trans jokes (among those).

Last year, OutMakingGames (an ABC community activist group for gaming) called out Rockstar about the “homophobic” and “transphobic” jokes and stereotyping seen in GTA 5. Well, it seems Rockstar took this to heart and has decided to remove certain props and dialogue dealing with this topic. That’s right. Grand Theft Auto, of all game franchises, has seemingly started taking steps down woke alley.

You can see the images and details in the tweets below.

There will, most likely, be even more details found about this once the PC version releases as it’ll be much easier to data-mine. But don’t worry, the hookers, murders and race jokes will still be there, you just cannot include the alphabet community in this type of way any longer. This just continues to show the new hierarchy of the Gay American Empire.

As you can see from this Twitter clown, you now have to curate your jokes around these people and their feelings. It’s insane for them to say that there are ways to make jokes that aren’t at the expense of their feelings. What is okay for you, won’t be for someone else. This is why you don’t censor or limit speech, let alone comedy. Don’t like it? Don’t play the game.

To Rockstar Games: you guys are morons to believe you should change YOUR art for people who probably aren’t even buying it any. You never cared about those parents in the past who moaned and complained about their kids playing your games, and you shouldn’t have. Parents can be parents and control their children. That all makes sense, but why bend the knee for the ABC community?

Is it about your future ESG (Environment, Social, Government) score?

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