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Ketanji Brown Jackson has been confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States in a 53-47 vote in Senate.

RINO Senators Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski joined the Democrats and voted in favor of confirming Jackson.

The radical leftist judge is the same person who can define what a woman is and is extremely lenient on pedophiles making excuses for their evil behavior.

Breitbart reported that the Georgetown Day School, the private Pre K-12 school where Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson sits on the board of trustees, teaches radical critical theory pedagogy, and boasts on its website “everyone will engage in the work of social justice within all aspects of school life” — which Judge Jackson would be required to “support” and “promote” as a member of the board.

This does not bode well for our quickly failing country as leftists continue to push us towards the brink of destruction from within.

On Thursday the Senate helped to cement Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first black woman to be an associate justice on the court.

Biden did say those were his only requirements for judge. A black woman.

Jackson was elevated from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit after serving for nine years on the federal bench. She had previous experience as a district judge for the D.C. District Court, had served as vice-chair of the United States Sentencing Commission for four years, and was also a federal public defender early in her career.

“This is a wonderful day, a joyous day, an inspiring day — for the Senate, for the Supreme Court and for the United States of America,” an exuberant Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said after the vote, according to the Associated Press.

Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement, which will occur at the completion of the current term in January, sparking Biden’s search for a black, female judge because we don’t look for the person who is most qualified for positions anymore.

During the hearings, she solidified the fact that she is just another leftist who will be pushing that particular agenda.

Jackson was with President Biden at the White House while the Senate voted.

Ketanji Brown Jackson

“Judge Jackson’s confirmation was a historic moment for our nation. We’ve taken another step toward making our highest court reflect the diversity of America,” Biden said in a statement. “She will be an incredible Justice, and I was honored to share this moment with her.”

Will she though? Perhaps to further the Democrats’ agenda but will she be what’s best for America?

Senator Lindsey Graham said, clapping when you appoint a liberal. That’s not going to work.”

He stated that had Republicans controlled the Senate, Jackson would not have received a confirmation hearing. He also forecasted that if the GOP wins back the majority in the upper chamber, judicial nominees put forth by Democrats would be rejected if they’re deemed too liberal.

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